FOOD > The Ultimate Fish Fry Experience at Dairyland Brew Pub, Appleton WI

The Ultimate Fish Fry Experience at Dairyland Brew Pub, Appleton WI

April 24, 2024

Dairyland Fish Fry in Appleton Wisconsin

The Ultimate Fish Fry Experience at Dairyland Brew Pub, Appleton WI

Hey folks! If there's one thing Wisconsin knows how to do right, it's a fish fry, and I've heard through the grapevine that Dairyland Brew Pub in Appleton has one you don't want to miss. So, I decided it was high time to see what all the fuss was about.

First things first, when you're sitting down for a fish fry, you've gotta have the right drink to set the mood. I asked for an Old Fashioned, and my waiter hit me with a suggestion that perked up my ears: an Old Fashioned Sampler. I mean, how can you say no to that? This wasn't just your grandma's Old Fashioned; we're talking apple, black raspberry, butterscotch, and Canadian Club 9. Let me tell you, each one had its own little twist that made you feel like you were at a candy store, but for adults.

Now, on to the main event: the Fisherman's Platter. This beast of a dish comes with a bit of everything—perch, walleye, bluegill, shrimp, and haddock, all for $33. It's a seafood lover's dream, and I was all in. The platter lands on my table, and I swear it was like the heavens opened up. Where do you even start?

I kicked things off with the perch—light, crispy, and salty. No need for extra butter or tartar sauce here; this fish stood on its own. Next, the shrimp, which was just as crispy and even more addictive. The walleye? A dunk in some real Wisconsin creamery butter and it was a slice of heaven. And don't get me started on the potato puffs—think French fries meets mashed potatoes, but better.

Halfway through, I was already waving a white flag, but then they brought out a sample of their Cajun chowder. Spicy, hearty, and just the ticket to warm you up.

Honestly, I can't recommend Dairyland's fish fry enough. If you're in Appleton, or even just passing through, put this spot on your to-do list. They've got a menu that can cater to all your fishy cravings and then some. Check out the links below to their menu and website to see what else they've got cooking!

So, whether you're a local or just looking for a taste of Wisconsin, Dairyland Brew Pub is your go-to for a fish fry done right. Catch you next time, and remember, life's too short for bad food!

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