BANDS > TAE Lights Up Dairyland Brew Pub: A Night of Soulful Melodies

TAE Lights Up Dairyland Brew Pub: A Night of Soulful Melodies

April 21, 2024

TAE band at Dairyland Brew Pub in Appleton WITAE Lights Up Dairyland Brew Pub: A Night of Soulful Melodies

Last Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure of combining two of my favorite things: a delectable fish fry and top-notch live music. Dairyland Brew Pub, known for its laid-back vibe and hearty comfort food, hosted an evening that veered from its usual rock lineup, featuring the uniquely talented local artist, TAE.

A Feast for the Senses
The evening kicked off with what Dairyland does best—food. The fish fry was, as expected, nothing short of mouthwatering. But the real treat of the night wasn't just in the flavors of the food; it was in the smooth, soulful sounds that filled the room shortly after dinner. TAE, taking the stage with an ease that speaks of her years of experience, immediately captured the crowd’s attention.

The Musical Journey of TAE
TAE, a gem in the local music scene, has a voice that's both powerful and emotive, a rare find that fans of soul and R&B will surely appreciate. Her music seamlessly blends elements of pop-rock, creating a sound that’s uniquely hers. Since her debut in 2012, TAE has mostly been a solo act, but in 2020 she expanded her horizons by teaming up with Andy Welsch, Daniel Pingrey, David Blessent, and Kelvin Kaspar to form TAE & The Neighborly. This collaboration led to her debut album "What Love Is," and the group has been inseparable since.

New Sounds on the Horizon
The evening was also an opportunity to hear some of TAE’s new material, which is part of an upcoming album slated for release in the summer of 2024. Her performance at Dairyland offered a perfect sneak peek of what's to come, blending new rhythms and stories that promise to enhance her already impressive repertoire.

The Venue Contrast
While Dairyland Brew Pub typically resonates with a more rock-oriented and party-going crowd, TAE’s performance was a compelling deviation from the norm. It’s a testament to her versatility and appeal that, despite the usual expectations of a louder, more boisterous environment, she managed to hold the audience's attention with her melodious voice and heartfelt performances.

Why You Should See TAE Live
For anyone who appreciates music that comes from the heart, TAE is a must-see.  Her vocal prowess and lyrical depth make for an enriching experience. 

Catch the Highlights
Don't forget to check out our photos and video from the night. It’s your chance to relive the evening or see what you missed!

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