BANDS > Sunday Funday Rockin' at Iron Buffalo Saloon: Good Music, Good Times, and Good Eats

Sunday Funday Rockin' at Iron Buffalo Saloon: Good Music, Good Times, and Good Eats

August 29, 2023

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Hurry Up Wait Band at the Iron Buffalo SaloonSunday Funday Rockin' at Iron Buffalo Saloon: Good Music, Good Times, and Good Eats

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Let me share a Sunday Funday that was nothing short of awesome. The kiddos were off on their own adventures, so what's a guy to do? Well, you know I had to make the most of it and headed over to Iron Buffalo Saloon in Menchalville, WI, to catch up with my buddies from the band Hurry Up Wait. And let me tell you, it turned out to be one heck of a day.

As we rolled up, the sight was already setting the tone – bikes lined up outside the bar, each one a testament to the spirit of the place. Now, we may not have arrived on motorcycles, but my buddy's Mini Cooper which a few people really loved. With excitement building, we stepped into this lively joint, grabbed ourselves some cool beverages, and made a beeline for the outdoor patio where the action was about to unfold.

The setup was seriously cool – a trailer stage parked in the back parking lot, ready to host the musical magic. The patio itself exuded a fun and quirky atmosphere, with all sorts of amusing decor hanging around. From Harley signs that made me feel like I was in biker heaven to propellers spinning tales of adventures, it was a visual feast. Oh, and let's not forget the old eye wash shower casually hanging on the edge of the patio – talk about turning practical into playful!

Now, if you thought the patio was a hoot, wait till you hear about the men's bathroom. Picture this – a 1/2 barrel serving as the urinal and a fireplace gracing the toilet stall. Yes, you read that right and trust me, it's all part of the charm of Iron Buffalo Saloon. This place is all about embracing the quirky and the fun, and they're doing it oh-so-well.

Of course, the main event of the day was the band – Hurry Up Wait. The guys added a new member, and this gig was his first rodeo. Let me tell you, these guys didn't miss a beat. The music was on point, the energy infectious, and it was clear they were having a blast up there. I even managed to catch up with them during their breaks – always a good time with these fun dudes.

The weather, you ask? Absolutely perfect. The music? Always a blast from Hurry Up Wait. And the atmosphere of Iron Buffalo Saloon? Unbeatable. There was only one hiccup – we waited a bit too long to order a pizza. By the time we decided, the cheese was all gone! Lucky for us, some kind souls shared a couple of slices. Let me tell you, those pizza slices were damn good– no wonder everyone was ordering them.

So, my friends, there you have it – another epic day in the great state of Wisconsin. From great music to unforgettable sights, Iron Buffalo Saloon sure knows how to make memories. Until next time, keep rocking and rolling! 🎢🍻🏍️

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