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Lake Winnebago Shiver Run

October 4, 2022

2022 Shiver Run Lake WinnebagoMarine 365 - Shiver Run

No shivering this year at the annual 2022 Lake Winnebago Shiver Run. The event is a fun run, and costumes are optional. It's always a blast even though it usually means it's your last run for the season. Marine 365 organizes the run, formerly Shipyard Marine. It usually is the first weekend in October. We got an invite to jump on with our friends the Porto Family. How can you pass up a day on the water in a Cigarette Top Gun! We met up at the Pioneer Marina launch. There were a number of boats from the run launching at the same time. So I grabbed a few photos and helped pack all the goodies onto the boat for the day. We jumped in the boat and took a short run out past Pinoneer and headed to the Ground Round on the River in Oshkosh, which is just a short run. As we pulled into the river you could see the boats lining up and parking on the sea wall. The costumes stood out already at this point. We docked the boat down on the public docks as the main docks in front of the Ground Round were already full. We headed down the dock and got stopped by a waitress asking us what we would like to drink. She told us drinks were on Marine 365! Andy has always done this for the participants. We got a few drinks and hung out for a while and got to check out the costumes and catch up with friends. Andy jumped up and let everyone know the details of where we were going and expectations on safety. The crew all jumped onto their boats and we all headed for Parker Johns in Menasha. A nice little run up the lake. The waves were fairly small and made for a very enjoyable ride. We got into Menasha pulled up to the sea wall and headed up to Parker John's to have some pizza and chicken chunks. We stayed for about an hour and they announced it was time to head across the lake to Harbor Bar for the last stop. Another great run across the lake. We got to Stockbridge Harbor, we hung out on the boats talked with friends again, and enjoyed looking at the boats. Then it was up to Harbor Bar for a drink and more talking. Everyone was friendly and having a blast. It's an annual event for the entire crew to do the train dance at the Harbor bar. Which is always good for a few laughs. We hung out for a while down on the sea wall and on the boat for a while and it was already time to head back to the trailer the boat and head for diner.  Since our crew was all from the Appleton area we stopped at Micheals in Menasha for some dinner. It really was an amazing day out on the water. The event was a lot of fun. It really boils down to getting a chance to hang out with an amazing group of people. I have a load of photos and a video for you all to check out.   See all the photos in the video or on the Wiparty Boating Photo Gallery

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