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Century Elm Supper Club & XE54 Wine Bar

October 25, 2021

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We took off Saturday night and headed out to Century Elm Supper Club in Larsen for our monthly boaters diner. We get together with our boating friends after the summer boating season ends once a month to stay in touch and try out different supper clubs in the area. Century Elm has become a favorite for us and our friends.  we started out with some SoCo old fashions that they muddle up and add mushrooms to.  If you can't get a muddle old fashion I won't even waste my time. In my opinion is the only way to do old fashions.  Our crew grabbed up some pull tabs without much luck.  We went into the dining room and I forgot to get photos of the food as we were all talking and all hungry.  I had a ribeye and grilled shrimp that was very good. Our friends also got steaks and 2 of the 3 were not cooked fully.  Out waitress took them back in and got those cooked up and back out to the table.  I do have to say the customer service was outstanding.  Both the owner and the waitress apologized and took care take care of the issue as well as offered up to buy the whole table a round of drinks. Century Elm is one of the old supper clubs that bring quality and customer service together.  It is great to see owners that step up and take care of their customers.   They also had a 2 man band that was fun to listen to as well. Unfortunately, I didn't get the band's name. Man, I am slipping in my old age.  We got a call from some friends that didn't make it to the diner but had stopped into  XE 54 Wine Bar and told us there was a band there and to stop by. We swung in and the place had a pretty good crowd. The Murphy Brothers were set up in the back of the bar.  The Murphy brothers are a 2 man show that mainly plays classic rock.  We had a couple of glasses of some nice bold red wine and hung out with our friends and listen to the guy's play. We also had a couple come in with prisoner suits on. They sure turned a few heads. We stayed out for about 2 hours and then this old fart was ready to head home and get some sleep so we were ready for the game.  I hope you enjoy the photos. - Photo Gallery

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