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Boating Lake Winnebago to Harbor Bar

September 20, 2022

Lake Winnebago boatingBoating Lake Winnebago Sept 7th to Harbor Bar 

Sometimes you have no choice but to jump on the boat and make a run. After spending a lot of time getting his boat repaired, I received a call from my friend. He was ready to run his boat. The full story is still coming on that mess. He brought the boat over and we drove to the Menasha Manitowac St boat launch. Dropped the boat in the water and tried to start it up and got a quick fire. But the motor dies right away. Turn it over again and it would start and die again. So we tried for about 20 minutes. He had the work done by Drake Marine from Omro. So he called up Drake and asked if they had any ideas. He was shocked there were any issues and thought maybe there was something up with the fuel. We tried some fuel directly in the carb and we got it started but it would die after a short period of time. We called Drake back and he said you know what I will come out and see what the issue is! He came from Omro to Menasha and messed with the gas and tried to get it started. He cracked the water filter and put on a brand-new one. After a few tries, he direct wired the coil, and bingo the boat ran like a champ. He was guessing it was a corroded ignition switch. But as long as you have the wire connected you can run it. I have to admit I was very impressed that Mark actually came over and took care of the issue. I have not seen customer service like this in a very long time. Drakes did a good job and stood behind his work. We headed to Harbor Bar over on the East side of Lake Winnebago. The boat ran perfectly and we got to Harbor very quickly. We got tied up and headed up to the bar to grab some dinner. We sat out on the deck that overlooks the lake which offers some beautiful views. Our friend walked in to get some drinks and brought them out to the table. Our waitress came out and asked in an almost accusing way if we paid for our drinks. It was very strange and awkward. Once we told her they were paid for she asked to take our order. We ordered and waited 45 minutes to receive food. We also had some other boating friends stop in and join us at our table. They ordered about 10 minutes after us and they still didn't have food when we were done eating and getting ready to leave. I believe they are under new ownership. So I am hoping the service gets better. It made us rethink coming back. An amazing sunset greeted us as we cruised back on a glassy smooth lake. It was one of those nights you wish you could stay on the water and run for hours. Here are some photos for you to check out!  See all the photos on the Wiparty Boating Photo Gallery

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