Family Fun > A Spooky Adventure with My Daughter: Fright Night in Greenville

A Spooky Adventure with My Daughter: Fright Night in Greenville

November 2, 2023

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Greenville Fright Night Spine-Tingling Halloween Adventure: Fright Night in Greenville with My Daughter

Hey there, folks! Halloween weekend rolled around, and I found myself with the most exciting invitation from my beautiful daughter. She asked me to spend Saturday night with her, and you can bet I jumped at the chance. With a heart full of enthusiasm, I asked her what she wanted to do, and her eyes sparkled with the idea of visiting a haunted house.

We did a quick online search and found one in Kaukauna. We headed over there, but when we arrived, it was nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in a neighborhood, looking rather modest in size. I was all set to get out and explore, but my little lady had other plans. She decided she didn't want to give it a shot, I wish we would have at least given it a try. 

So, we found ourselves at a crossroads – where to next? That's when I mentioned Fright Night in Greenville, and her eyes lit up with excitement. Without hesitation, we made our way there, even though we arrived a tad late. The crowds were still going strong, eagerly waiting to enter the haunted house and embark on the trail ride.

After securing our tickets, we made our way into the line by the stage where my good buddy Pat Pedersen was rocking out to an enthusiastic crowd. I couldn't help but wonder how he managed to do it in the chilly weather. My fingers were already feeling the cold, but Pat had been performing for a while, and he was still keeping the audience entertained.

Our first stop was the haunted house, and let me tell you, they did an exceptional job this year, as they always do. The first room was a real eye-opener. As soon as you step inside, the room itself starts to move, and the spooky inhabitants start screaming their lungs out. My daughter pushed me to take the lead, and we found ourselves at the front of a pack of eager 12-year-olds, charging through the haunted house like a herd of little bulls, all while screaming at the top of their lungs. It was quite a spectacle, and we couldn't help but chuckle. The haunted house was brilliantly designed, and we emerged with plenty of goosebumps.

After the haunted house, we headed straight to the line for the haunted hayride. Despite the biting cold, the actors never missed a beat, ensuring a night of spook-tacular fun. An imposing 8-foot-tall grim reaper, complete with a voice changer and glowing eyes, interacted with the crowd, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

We hopped on the haunted hayride and ventured through the chilling woods. It was bone-chillingly cold, but the dedicated crew didn't let it deter them. I tried to snap a few photos, but the monsters were getting blinded, so I had to back off a bit. Nevertheless, I managed to capture a few snapshots for you to enjoy.

In the end, it was a fantastic night filled with spine-tingling thrills and unforgettable moments with my favorite little lady. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until next year to brave this haunt, but trust me, it's well worth the wait.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures, folks!

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