Michiels Bar and Grill - Wednesday Wine & Cheese Night with the ladies

What a great destination for my ladies' night out! $5 glasses of house wine and a beautiful charcuterie board? Yes, please! The six of us girls sat around the fire and chatted about any and everything: travel, relationships, dating, and planning our next night out! We managed to kill a couple bottles of wine ($5 off select bottles on Wednesdays!) and went through 2 of the Chef's charcuterie boards, complete with numerous cheeses, meats, pate, jams, nuts, crackers, grapes, and bite-sized tomato & mozzarella caprese. 

Even though our waitress seemed less-than-thrilled with us (We all have off nights!) I would definitely go back. If cheese and crackers isn't your thing, their full menu is available as well.