Kenny Wayne Shepard at Oshkosh Waterfest

Kayne Wayne Shepard at Oshkosh Water Fest 2021

See all 186 photos HERE - Kenny Wayne Shepard at Oshkosh Waterfest! Ohh I have to go! But the weather was iffy. After looking at least 3 weather apps. My buddy finally talked me into going. Headed over and got there right after the first act left the stage. We waited around for about 15min and The Betty Smith Band. It started misting and the clouds looked rather black. But Bette Smith made you forget about the weather. Not only is Bette so much fun to listen too she is amazing to watch! Her hair and outfit along with her amazing voice jump out and slap you right in the kisser. She only got to knock out about 10 songs and they moved her along to bring out Kenny Wayne Shepard before the storms came in. We watched the radar and hoped for the best. Radar was showing a massive red cloud on radar heading right for us. So we figured about 10 to 15 minutes of Kenny Wayne. Kenny Wayne father came out and informed us what was happening and thanked the crowd for hanging around to see the band. Which I thought was pretty damn cool. The band came out and played through the rain for the full set. Which was amazing and sounded fantastic. Even with the rain going from misting to small doses of rain. A small crowd stuck through the show and it was well worth it! I wish the weather would have cooperated more. But was more than happy we still went to the show. Another great show from Oshkosh Water fest! I can't wait to hit more great shows at Water Fest this summer! You can see the over 180 photos that you can share or download on this link. I hope you enjoy the photos! Make sure to keep track of the Waterfest events on Wiparty as well.