TTZ's Barbeque - Taco Tuesday with Covid 19.

TACO TUESDAY during the quarantine. We were in the mood for a change-up from cooking at home and Tacos Tuesday just sounded like the thing to do. After a year of talking about a local barbeque place called TTZ’s that we have never gotten to it just seemed like a great time to get our butts over and try it out. We noticed a Facebook posting about taco night. The specials for tonight were :
“CHEESY MAC TACO - Pulled pork, mac n cheese, shredded cheddar topped with southwest ranch and sour cream. 1 for $3.50 or 2 for $6.00

**Regular menu Tacos** TEX MEX Taco - choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken or chopped spare rib. Topped with fresh salsa mixed with corn and back beans, creamy cilantro lime sauce, and queso fresco cheese. 1 for $3.50 Or 2 for $6.00

BBQ Taco- choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken or chopped spare rib. Topped with our creamy coleslaw. You top with your favorite TT'z BBQ sauce. 1 for $3.00 Or 2 for $5.00

**We will also have our sliced to order brisket specials while supplies last. Get your brisket fix!**

We ordered 2 Mac Tacos: Now, I am not a big mac & cheese guy but these were damn good. We also got 2 BBQ tacos with spare ribs. For me these were fantastic. The creamy coleslaw and smokey ribs come together very well. I will be back to get these again for sure. We also picked up the large order of the sliced brisket. The brisket is awesome! Slight salty, great smoke, not overdone and it was good and tender. I would tell anyone to give this barbeque place a try. They are doing curbside pickup of course at this time. We called placed our order and were told 15 minutes for pickup. They asked for the type of vehicle we have and a name, so I headed over about 5 minutes early. They had a few cars in the parking lot, and only I sat for about 2 minutes when a very nice young lady came out with my orders swiped my card and off I went. Things went super smooth!

The place doesn’t look like much but the food and service we got will bring me back again and again.