Blue Cheese Combo Band at Northland Sports Pub & Grill in Appleton

See all of the photos -Thursday night my Florida buddy let us know he was in town. He wanted to meet at Northland. So of course we headed out the door to see our friend. Get some food and listen to some music out on the patio. I have not got a chance to see the band Blue Cheese Combo. We got over to the patio around 6. Not too many people around and the band was setting up. We ordered the large sampler appetizer plate which was good. Cheese sticks, curds, onion rings, and chicken strips. It was enough we were not sure if we would order diner. But decided to try the Mushroom and Swiss burger again to see if it was good as we remembered. I am happy to say it sure was. Good food, Fun band, and some good drinks. Next time you are sitting at home on a Thursday night in the summer. Take off and go get a burger and listen to some music on the patio at The Northland Pub. You won't be disappointed. Here are the photos and video I made to share with you. I hope you enjoy the photos! See all the photos - Photo Gallery