Downtown Appleton Nightlife - Nov 2005

Downtown Appleton Nightlife in November of 2005. Thats right we are taking you back in the way back machine to get a glimpse of the party atmosphere in 2005. I have a bunch of photos from a number of different bars that are or were in Downtown Appleton as well as a few just a little ways from downtown. Including the famous Cold Shot Bar on Richmond St and the old Horseshoe Saloon that is now gone. The list on the old college avenue strip starts with one of my old favorites Drinks Inc which was always one of my first and last stops. Then of course Speakeasy, MillCreek Blues, The Bar on the Ave, and a run down the strip to the old Fish House. I also have a few shots of a young Reverand Raven and the Chain Smoking Alterboys as well as the Fineline band. Looking back at these it is hard to believe how long ago this was. I hope you enjoy the photos and the video! Make sure you find your friends in the photos and send them a link to take a run down memory lane. See all photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?