2005 Nissan Quest Not Start No Crank

2005 Nissan Quest.  My van was running fine with no signs of any issues.  Parked it in the driveway and the next morning.  Turn the key Get lights on the dash, windows roll down, the back door opens but trying to start and I get nothing.  I figured maybe an open door or something draining the battery.  Grab my spare battery and jumper cables.  Hook it up and nothing.  I jumped online for ideas. The list is a long one.  First was the battery block/battery fuses located right on the positive side of the battery.  Looked for blown fuses. Nothing I could see but replaced it anyway. It looked corroded.  I also replaced the cheap-ass terminal connection.  No luck for me with this part of the repair.  Next, I went online and found a list of fuses that could be an issue.  Which covers 3 different fuse block locations including the fuse box relay.  I checked the starter relay and had it tested.  Nothing!  Next is the Brake sensor.  Pulled that out and ran a test on that.  Looks good.  At this point, I figure it has to be the stater itself.  Pulled the starter out located on the driver's side behind a heat shield.  Located just inside of the front frame bottom of the van. This is a fun project with a little swearing.  Took the stater to Autozone for a test.  Tested out great!  So, of course, I was thrilled that I spent that much time jacking around with this.  So put it back in. Next on the list was the Neutral safety sensor.  Pull out your battery, airbox, and battery plate.  I found my ground cable was corroded. So, of course, the cable is some typical special part from Nissan.  Bought a longer generic cable and 2 more connectors.  Cut about a 4-inch piece off the end added terminals. So you can body ground and bring the cable back up to the battery.  Thought for sure this was going to be my answer.  Put everything back together and still nothing.  Back to the neutral safety switch. I pulled everything back out. Checked over the wire harness going to the switch and there it is. 2 broken wires on the switch.  I am not sure how in the hell these wire got messed up.  Pulled the switch out.  Soldered up the 2 wires, silicone wrapped and taped the wire harness back up.  Put it together and bingo.  Took it out for a drive and now the back passenger side brake caliber is acting up.  Guessing nothing to do with the rest of this crazy story. But just my luck with this van.  I hope this helps someone out there!  Best of luck with your Nissan issue.