Boating Neenah / Menasha

Boating Neenah. Menasha Wi from Lake Winnebago
Boating in Neenah / Menasha WI - 2021

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So sometimes you get so busy you miss a whole story. As I was digging through my photos I came across this folder of photos that I did not post. These photos are from a great day back in the last week of July.  It was a little windy and we decided to get out the Bar Pontoon boat. Grab a couple of friends and go on an adventure.  With it being windy we decided we would just stay on the rivers to avoid submersing the pontoon's nose under some 3 ft waves.  We took off from the Manitowac St boat launch and headed toward Neenah. We went up the river in Menasha and got to Lake Winnebago and ran across to the Neenah channel and made our way in and away from the wind and waves. It is at this point we thought we would indulge in the goodies we brought with us.  We brought along a plate of Sushi from Woodmans. Which was very good! We trolled down the river to the Neenah Harbor.  This is a fun little run and there are some amazing homes on the water to see.  We got up to the harbor and parked. Sat around and eat some sushi and enjoyed the beautiful day.  We decided to make a stop at Copper Still Burbon bar across the street from the harbor.  As we got off the boat a nice little Donzi pulled up and we helped them tie up quickly.  Just so happened this couple was heading to the bourbon bar as well. We got up and got a few drinks and headed out to the patio to get some more sun in.  The couple we meet at the dock asked to hang with us and of course, we happily had them join us.  Which was a good call! They were both a blast and we all enjoyed talking and got in a lot of laughs.  We talked about what to do next.  The decision was to head over to check out the new Bare Bones Brewery in Menasha and see what they had to offer. It was a great drive back over to Menasha and up the river past the construction for the new bridge.  Which is crazy to see and is going to be cool when the is done.  We pulled up to the seawall in Menasha and tied up. Then hung out for a while and had a few drinks on the pontoon bar.  Then headed up to Barebones Brewery and was pleasantly surprised to see they have a great outdoor seating area. We went in and found out they are also a distillery and were recommended a Maple whiskey old fashion.  Which was delicious! We stuck around and got a chance to meet the manager who was a blast.  Overall we really enjoyed the new brewery and hope it finds a successful home in Menasha. We stayed till we started losing light and then headed back to the boat launch.  It was a great day out on the water.  Wish we had more days like this during this year's boating season. It all seemed to go way too fast. 

I hope you enjoy the photos! See all the photos - Photo Gallery I have some map info below the photos for you to check out.

Sunday Funday run-up Neenah Channel and Waverly

The view from the Neenah Channel by Shattuck Park

See the over 200 photos -Photo Gallery - Sunday Funday with some great weather. We packed up the pontoon and hit the water.  The wind wasn't bad and the waves were about 1 to 2.  We decided to go take a little run up the Neenah Channel. Never been up that way and figured it was a nice day to try it out.  Coming off the lake you will see a single red marker about 150ft out from the Kimberly Point Park Light House. From that point, the channel is very well marked right into the city of Neenah.  The first thing you will come across is the lighthouse. It is a very pretty old lighthouse that looks like it needs some new paint soon.  As you run down the channel you go past a number of beautiful homes and go past Riverside Park.  Just past the park is the bay where the sailboats all tie-up.  Seemed like there was not that many in the bay for some reason. Still cool to see from the water. Across the river from this bay is the Whiting Boat House and Doty Park Boat Launch.  A little farther up the river, you run past the Thedacare Hospital and the WG Bryan Bridge. The Dam is right past the bridge on the Northside.  Just past the bridge is the  Neenah Marina and Shattuck Park.  There is a nice boat dock and sea wall here. Which is right on the East end of Downtown Neenah.  There are a number of places you can go to for food and drink from here.  We spun around and headed back up the channel and off to Waverly Beach.  As usual, we pulled up close to the bar at Waverly. The band outside was Saddlebrook.  We went up and got a few drinks and watched the band and ran into a few people we know. On the way back out my wife pulls up a bottle from the water. It was weird because it looks really old. It was marked as M Koester & Sons Bottling company of Appleton. Never heard of it before. I am guessing it has been in the lake for a long long time. We also got a big kick out of a pontoon next to us that had a train horn. When he left he lights it up and scared the crapola out of a bunch of people. It was really funny. He drove off and we couldn't see him but could hear the horn yet. Overall the music was great, Sun was great, the water was great. Another fun day on the water. See all the photos - Photo Gallery