Woodshed Bar & Grill - 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

We went out to the Woodshed Bar & Grill in Neenah for the annual 99 Bottles of Beer party for the Daytona 500 race. We have been coming to this party for years. It has always been a lot of fun and this year did not disappoint. So what is 99 Bottles all about? The owner of the Woodshed partners up with MIller brewing to bring together a mix of prize items from beer glasses, hats, shirts signs, coolers, neon signs, a lot of appetizers, and pizza giveaways. This is awesome because the food at the Woodshed has always been very good. They give all this stuff away! For your chance to win you need to buy a bottle or pint of any Miller product for $2.50 and they give you a ticket. You then take your ticket up to the bottle board and give your ticket to get one of the 99 rings with a number on it. You hand the number over and they let you know what you won. You get some prizes right away like the ones I talked about earlier and you can also get a chance to win the grand prizes. The Grand Prizes this year were A signed Packers Helmet, 3ft Steel Fire Ring, Dr. McGillicuddy's - Pelican Cooler, A Jack Daniel's lighted sign, as well as a 1/4 barrel party with 3 pizzas. All this is happening while the Daytona 500 is on the over 12 large TVs and a Dj to mix things up. This is always a lot of fun! Keep an eye out on Wiparty for the next 99 Bottles at the Woodshed. Then come on out have some drinks, eat some good food, enjoy the laughs and go home with some new swag! See all 129 photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?

Boating Neenah / Menasha

Boating Neenah. Menasha Wi from Lake Winnebago
Boating in Neenah / Menasha WI - 2021

Boating Neenah Menasha - See the over 237 photos - Photo Gallery -
So sometimes you get so busy you miss a whole story. As I was digging through my photos I came across this folder of photos that I did not post. These photos are from a great day back in the last week of July.  It was a little windy and we decided to get out the Bar Pontoon boat. Grab a couple of friends and go on an adventure.  With it being windy we decided we would just stay on the rivers to avoid submersing the pontoon's nose under some 3 ft waves.  We took off from the Manitowac St boat launch and headed toward Neenah. We went up the river in Menasha and got to Lake Winnebago and ran across to the Neenah channel and made our way in and away from the wind and waves. It is at this point we thought we would indulge in the goodies we brought with us.  We brought along a plate of Sushi from Woodmans. Which was very good! We trolled down the river to the Neenah Harbor.  This is a fun little run and there are some amazing homes on the water to see.  We got up to the harbor and parked. Sat around and eat some sushi and enjoyed the beautiful day.  We decided to make a stop at Copper Still Burbon bar across the street from the harbor.  As we got off the boat a nice little Donzi pulled up and we helped them tie up quickly.  Just so happened this couple was heading to the bourbon bar as well. We got up and got a few drinks and headed out to the patio to get some more sun in.  The couple we meet at the dock asked to hang with us and of course, we happily had them join us.  Which was a good call! They were both a blast and we all enjoyed talking and got in a lot of laughs.  We talked about what to do next.  The decision was to head over to check out the new Bare Bones Brewery in Menasha and see what they had to offer. It was a great drive back over to Menasha and up the river past the construction for the new bridge.  Which is crazy to see and is going to be cool when the is done.  We pulled up to the seawall in Menasha and tied up. Then hung out for a while and had a few drinks on the pontoon bar.  Then headed up to Barebones Brewery and was pleasantly surprised to see they have a great outdoor seating area. We went in and found out they are also a distillery and were recommended a Maple whiskey old fashion.  Which was delicious! We stuck around and got a chance to meet the manager who was a blast.  Overall we really enjoyed the new brewery and hope it finds a successful home in Menasha. We stayed till we started losing light and then headed back to the boat launch.  It was a great day out on the water.  Wish we had more days like this during this year's boating season. It all seemed to go way too fast. 

I hope you enjoy the photos! See all the photos - Photo Gallery I have some map info below the photos for you to check out.

Lions Tail Brewery Oktoberfest Neenah and Bare Bones Brewery Menasha

Lion's Tail Brewery Oktoberfest
Hammerschlagen at Lion's Tail Bewery Oktoberfest in Neenah WI

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Saturday night we went out for some diner at the Red Ox with friends and decided to go check out the Breweries in Neenah & Menasha. We heard that the Lion's Tail Brewery was having its own Oktoberfest. We got over to Lion's Tail and found they had a huge tent set up in the back parking lot. We walked into the stein holding competition for ladies. Around 7 ladies were standing up by the main stage getting ready for the stein holding challenge. The ladies did really good. Long enough for me to have to go find a beer. I got my beer and noticed the hammerschlagen game going on. Grabbed a couple photos and my beer and headed back to find out I missed the ladies winner and the men were up next. I got some pictures of these guys. They held out for a long time and broke the standing record by a lot. We hung out for a while and listened to the Kari Lynch Band for a while. Everyone was getting tired of beer and wanted a mixer so we thought we would hit Copperstill but they were closed. We decided we would go hit the Bare Bones Brewery and Distillery. We stopped in and they were about to close. The bartender was super cool and said she we could the place open for us! We got the Maple Bourbon Old Fashions and they were awesome! Everyone was tired out so we only stuck around for one drink. Overall a great night with some great friends.

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Woodshed Bar & Grill Carry Out during Covid19

Hey it’s time for you to go to the WOODSHED! I think that was a line my grandfather used. You will not feel like you are in any trouble getting carry-out food from the Woodshed Bar & Grill in Neenah, WI. I have spent plenty of time at the Shed and I am proud to say the owners are personal friends of mine. They are great people and a hell of a lot of fun. With the Covid-19 putting a heavy push financially on every bar owner we are seeing the shift from bar owner to carry-out food and drink specialists. It has been great hearing that the community has stepped up and is supporting our local businesses. As you can imagine, an empty bar still has a ton of bills to pay every month. So, thank you to all of you doing your part and enjoying their food and drinks to help you keep your sanity. Hopefully, in a few weeks, things will start getting back to normal.

Just this week Woodshed has decided to start carry-out of their food and beverages. Again I am friends with the owners, but believe me when I say the Woodshed food is awesome. Dino does not cut corners on anything he does. It shows in the quality and taste of their food. The 16” pizzas are fantastic. The quality of cheese and meats make these shine. If you are really hungry and want a quality burger that will fill your ass up try the SHED Burger. Holy hell these things tastes great and 2 Angus burgers topped with 4 pieces of bacon, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, and Cajun spices. This one will give you the meat sweats but you will love every bite of it. Try one of their appetizers – everything from pizza fires to cheese curds. They also have 6 different sandwiches from Italian beef to BLT on Texas Toast. They also have jumbo chicken wings with flavors from Mild, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet chili, Cajun, Hot, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Teriyaki, Dave’s Insanity, and honey garlic. Just a quick side note: If you like the kind of heat from your wings to make you cry then Dino is your man. This guy eats shit that is a few steps below white phosphorus. If you get him on the phone tell him you want the heat but don’t say I didn’t warn you! Also, don’t forget FRIDAY FISH FRY! The Shed has you covered with haddock, walleye, perch, catfish, shrimp, whitefish and 3 different fish sandwiches.

Help save your sanity and get some great food for you and the family! Call the Woodshed and place a carry-out order.

Keep an eye out on the Woodshed Facebook page for new specials!

Get more information about the woodshed at http://woodshedbar.com/

See the full MENU HERE

The Woodshed is located on Corner of Hwy II & Hwy 76 at 2895 Co. Hwy II • Neenah, WI 54956

Carry out hours will be Tuesday - Friday 4pm to 8pm.

Just give the Woodshed a call after 3:30p to place your order. 920-729-6003