Lions Tail Brewery Oktoberfest Neenah and Bare Bones Brewery Menasha

Lion's Tail Brewery Oktoberfest
Hammerschlagen at Lion's Tail Bewery Oktoberfest in Neenah WI

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Saturday night we went out for some diner at the Red Ox with friends and decided to go check out the Breweries in Neenah & Menasha. We heard that the Lion's Tail Brewery was having its own Oktoberfest. We got over to Lion's Tail and found they had a huge tent set up in the back parking lot. We walked into the stein holding competition for ladies. Around 7 ladies were standing up by the main stage getting ready for the stein holding challenge. The ladies did really good. Long enough for me to have to go find a beer. I got my beer and noticed the hammerschlagen game going on. Grabbed a couple photos and my beer and headed back to find out I missed the ladies winner and the men were up next. I got some pictures of these guys. They held out for a long time and broke the standing record by a lot. We hung out for a while and listened to the Kari Lynch Band for a while. Everyone was getting tired of beer and wanted a mixer so we thought we would hit Copperstill but they were closed. We decided we would go hit the Bare Bones Brewery and Distillery. We stopped in and they were about to close. The bartender was super cool and said she we could the place open for us! We got the Maple Bourbon Old Fashions and they were awesome! Everyone was tired out so we only stuck around for one drink. Overall a great night with some great friends.

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