Back N Kickin Band at Flagstone Bar Appleton

Back N Kickin with frontman Pat Pedersen at Flagstone Bar and Grill in Appleton Wi

See the photos HERE! We made a run to Flagstone to meet some friends and watch the Back N Kickin band. The night started off rather soft. The crowd was pretty small at the beginning of the show. Within an hour the crowd had made it. There were sing-alongs, crazy beards, and some fancy dancing. Another good show put on by the guys. See the photos and the video. I hope to see you next time we are out and about.   You can see all the photos that you can share or download on this link.

Back N Kickin Band at Flagstone Bar

See all 29 photos HERE ! I stopped out last night to see Pat Pedersen and the band Back N Kickin out at Flagstone Bar and Grill in Appleton. Back N Kickin is a fun band that Playing all the music you love from the 80's, classic rock, country, and everything in between. It is the start of the bands on the patio at Flagstone Bar. They have bands through out the summer on the patio Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Nights! They have a great patio set up with a stage for bands. The food is always been good and they pour a quality mixer! Good prices and a fun bar. Make sure you get out to Flagstone for a night of good food, drink and music! I hope you enjoy the photos and video of Back N Kickin. You can see over 29 photos that you can share or download on this link.

New world with Dustin Lee at Flagstone

It's a new world out there.  This past Thursday, Flagstone Bar and Grill kicked off their summer band series.  Flagstone has a great patio in the back of the bar with a small corner stage for live music.  I have to admit I was not sure what I was going to see with the reopening of the bars  with the Covid-19 pandemic. As you walk in there is a large public notice on the door letting  people know that they are sanitizing all areas and practicing social distancing.  It also states if you are sick, afraid or have underlying health issues, they ask that you do not enter.  Seems like common sense.  Too bad we can't rely on that now or ever.  When we got into the bar there were a few people in pods and distancing themselves about 5 feet apart.  The bartenders were wearing gloves and wiping things down with a cleaning solution which was happening all night. Heading out to the back patio the tables and bar stools were all spaced out and people were doing a good job of respecting other peoples' space.  We got a table about midway on the patio and sat down to watch Dustin Lee.  The bartenders came out to the table and served drinks for us.  It felt really good to be out and seeing some good, live music. Dustin did a great job keeping the crowd entertained.  I ran into a few friends, including Jessi, the bar owner.  It is funny because no one really knew how to address anyone - no hand shake, stay back 5 feet, and do the awkward stare to see if they look healthy.  I guess in realty it's not any different than making a run to Walmart or the grocery store.   Not everyone is wearing masks and you are never sure who has touched what.  I am grateful we are still in a county with a total today of only 161 cases and 5 deaths. It was good to see support for the bar and some relief to local bar owners that have taken a beating during this time.  I hope the numbers keep dropping and we can eventually get back to something normal.  I hope you enjoy the photos !  

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