Cave Point County Park in Door County

We had a friend tell us about Cave Point County Park in Door County.  Great views and miles of walking trails.  With cabin fever settling in from staying at home with Covid-19, w felt a run up north might be just the thing to social distance and let the kids burn some energy.  The drive for us was about 1.5 hours from Menasha.  It really is a pretty easy drive - only had the kids ask how much farther once.  We stopped at Weslings Foodland in Whitefish Bay for a potty break and some gas.   It's a cool little spot with a bunch of local meat and cheese.   We then proceeded into the park which is a very pretty area that is full of hills, long stands of pines, and eventually into Cave Point.  We took a little walk down the trail to the side of the lake and you run into these beautiful views of the cliff walls with stonewashed rock beaches that tie into the clear Lake Michigan water. It really is a sight to see.  Mother natures art shines here.  Unfortunately for us, it was a bit cool with temps in the mid 40's, which would not have been bad but we had wind-breaking of the lake so it dropped the temp a lot.  We were also blessed with what I am guessing is the first batch of lake flies.  They were thick enough that they would get in your face and just plain cover you in areas we were walking in.  So the patience with the kids and my wife did not last long.  We walked up the north side of the trail for about 1/4 mile and turned back.  The trail and scenery were fantastic.  We decided to go check out a few other locations in the park and headed over to the State Park not far from the County Park.  You drive right past it on the way in.  No luck over there with the lake flies so we headed a little farther away from the lake and stopped at the Red Pines parking lot and walked the trail into a huge area of pines. Again another fantastic spot to check out.  Looking the maps over you could explore all day without a problem as their are about 15 miles of trails in the State Park alone.   We didn't even come close to seeing everything.  We will definitely be back.   On our way back home we decided to stop into Sturgeon Bay and see if we could catch any large boats being built.  We drove past Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and they had a couple of large cargo ships out front and what looked to be the bottom of a new boat being welded out in the yard.  The kids were impressed by the size of the ships and the crane.  We drove up along Bay Shore Drive enjoying the homes and view of the lake and found the George K. Pinney County Park.  We got out and stretched our legs. Some very cool cliff walls here and a very nice marina.  We all started getting a bit chilled and decided it was time to head back home.  Overall it was a great day hanging out with the kiddos, getting some fresh air, and seeing some of Wisconsin's beauty.  See all the photos at :

Downtown Nashville Music

Downtown Nashville Music Row

Nashville Music Row! If you love live music this place is awesome! We stopped into the new Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Rock n’ Roll Steakhouse. Great stage! See all of our photos at: