Dick & Joan's Supper club and Take 2 Acoustics at Cedar bar & grill

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Well, not too exciting this week. We took it pretty easy. Friday night we hit Dick & Joans Superclub in Appleton. This supper club has been around forever.  We have not been there in a long time. We decided to meet some friends and go try it out again.  We got to the supper club and went in at the back of the building. Which you walk into a nice and large bar area. We ordered a couple of old fashions. They do muddle the old fashions. So we were off to a good start.  Our friends showed up and we had another round. They do give you a nice pour. Our waitress gave us menus, we ordered and she told us we could be seated whenever we were ready. The decor is typical for suppers clubs around here.  Feels a little like going back to the '70s with the old school wood panel walls.  They sat us in what looks like an add-on room that had a stone wall wine cellar look and feel. Which was interesting.  The thing that was not good was the smell of what we all believe to be urine.  I am not 100% sure what it was but it was not pleasant at all.  Hopefully, this is taken care of soon. You do seem to become nose blind to it after a while.  The salad bar was a little skimpy. But they had lettuce, dressing, croutons, imitation bacon bits, tomatoes, and clam chowder soup, Our group was not pleased with the no cheese for salads.  One of our group asked and they brought out a small cup of shredded cheddar and charged them for it.  They brought us out some fresh bread and butter. The bread was very good.  Our dinners came out fairly quickly. I had stuffed shrimp and tenderloin.  No complaints on any of the meals. Everyone overall was happy with their meals. The steaks were cooked well and had good flavor.  We planned on going out to see a band but we fell to being old and went home to crash.  Saturday night we decided we would go see Take 2 Band at Cedars bar and Grill.  Get some food and listen to some live music.  We both enjoy the Take 2 band and have known these 2 brothers since they were kids.  They had some tight quarters to work within the Cedar bar but they got the job done.  They did a great job as usual!  We planted ourselves at the bar so we could see the show and eat. It took us a little while to get a drink. The menu was typical bar food.  Which for us is not an issue at all.  I got a mushroom and swiss burger and the little lady got a grill chicken breast and cottage cheese.  It wasn't on the menu but they were happy to make it for her.  We hung out for a few after diner and enjoyed the show.  We decided it was time to go and we planned on going to see Road Trip at Stone Toad.  We made it halfway over to the bar and then had drama with our kiddos. Back home we went and once we got there we called it quits.  It is a bitch getting old.  But it was still a good weekend with friends and good food.  I hope you enjoy the photos. I also put together a little video of Take 2 Acoustic for you to check out.  - Photo Gallery