Boating Lake Winnebago July 25th Weekend

And just like that July is done! See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY. Being blessed with hot sunny summer days. A group of us headed out at noon on Friday for a birthday celebration on the water. What a great way to celebrate, being on the boat, with some shrimp, sandwiches and of course a cooler full of drinks to keep us hydrated. Saturday was another great hot day and we headed back to Striech's Beach for some more sun and fun. It was a great day and I ran into a ton of boating friends. A quick run across the lake for some diner at Harbor Bar in Stockbridge. They had live music from Sam and Tae Band. I snapped a few photos to share! Over 190 for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy! Remember you can share all the photos on the gallery to your Facebook page or tag your friends on the gallery to Facebook
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Boating Lake Butte Des Morts July 5th 2020

Another beautiful day on July 5th. See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY. This time we decided to take a run out to Terrell's Island. A small sand bar located just north of the HWY 41 bridge in Oshkosh on Lake Butte Des Morts. This area is not all sandy. Some spots are great and fairly firm. Get out a little ways and it gets muddy. Like mud seeping between your toes muddy. But still a nice change up once in a while.
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July 4th Dustin Lee on the Barge

Dustin Lee on the barge in Fremont WI

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July 4th was a blast. We started in Oshkosh and took a run up the river to see Dustin Lee on the barge. It was a great run up the river and the weather was perfect.  We made it to Partridge Lake and you could see the pile of boats. It is always funny coming into the sandbar in Fremont.  Very few people seem to tie up to each other.  So, boats are scattered all over the place.  With no organization at all.  We came in and found a huge area of wide open space in the middle.  We were look for Dustin but could not find him.  About one hour later. Dustin showed up on a pontoon boat and started setting up.  The crowd kept building and Dustin kicked it into gear.  The crowd quickly built up around the pontoon. As usual Dustin did a great job.  I had to admit we were a little worried about covid and avoided going into the crowd up by the pontoon.  But it was still allot of fun. We only had one weird moment.  A guy was walking around with a bottle to share and asked if everyone wanted to take a pull of the bottle.  I wasn't sure what to even say. Pass, pass, pass!  It was a great day on the water and always fun to see live music on the boat!!  Thanks Dustin Lee!!
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Boating Lake Winnebago July 2nd 2020

2020 boating Lake Winnebago Streich's Beach

It was one hot day and a great day to be out on the boat. We jumped on with our birthday boy friend Chris on his 27ft Powerquest. We meet up at Pioneer marina in Oshkosh and loaded up the boat with coolers and bags of goodies. A qucik smooth ride over to Streich's Beach. When we pulled in there was about 30 to 40 boats. The water looked fairly clear at first. But once in the water we found out the algea bloom has begun. It wasn't bad but not great. With in a few hours of relaxing and enjoying each other company. We had a few more boating friends come in and tie up. Overall it was a great day on the water with good friends, food and weather.
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2020 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run

2020 Lake Winneabgo Four Horsemen Poker Run

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After a fun night at registration I woke up to a chilly but sunny morning! I had all my batteries and cameras packed and ready to go see my Four Horsemen family.  My friend Casey offered to be the photo boat this year allowing me to stop and shoot rather than trying to shoot a 100 mph boat while going 70 mph in the back seat.  I packed up some drinks and went to the breakfast meeting.  The breakfast was set up in to-go containers to keep people safe with the given circumstances.  Dockside Tavern did a great job: Eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles and they all were good.  My wife Shannon started the meeting with a moment of silent for Jon Bahr by lighting a candle next to the flowers and memorial set up for him.  He was the chopper pilot we tragically lost 3 years ago.  There is also a memoriam logo on all the Horsemen t-shirts for Jon.  The meeting highlighted safety and the route that would be taken this year.  The course started with a flag drop just west of the 41 bridge, heading to the west side of Lake Poygan, back to Waverly Beach, Harbor Bar, and a short run to Striechs.  We jumped in the boat and did a few drive bys, getting some nice photos of the boats getting ready to go.  We headed the river and stopped just before Fratello's in the slow no wake and grabbed some nice photos.  We did wait a little too long - by the time we got to the bridge the flag had dropped and all we could see were rooster tails flying.  We went out to the first corner of the bend on Lake Butte des Mortes and decided to wait for the big boys to come back through.  We didn't have to wait too long; in about 25 min Vinnie and Matt came roaring back through.  It is always so fun to see boats of this caliber running wide open.  We hung out for a little while here for what we thought was about 80% of the group to come through.  Our spot wasn't really that good we were a little too far out from the action.  We headed back up the river and got ready to run over to Harbor Bar hoping to get ahead of the lead boats by skipping Waverly Beach.  We were wrong on that!  By the time we got up the river and to the train bridge I text my little lady and asked where she was.  She was just tying up and Harbor Bar.  Well damn!  I told Casey it's time to punch it and get over to Harbor.  The 27ft Sunsation did a pretty good job. We cut across Lake Winnebago with about a 2' chop.  By the time we got across the lake it felt like I was spanked about 50 times. But we sure had fun.  We finally rolled into the Calumet County Marina. What a site!  All these beautiful boats and people all over the place. The community support and onlookers this year was impressive.  Everywhere we went on the run people were out and watching. It was very nice to see.  At the marina there were people out on blankets on both sides of the hill; everyone from kids to the elderly having fun and enjoying the event.  We got tied up and went up on the hill to get some photos, then we headed up to Harbor Bar for the Horsemen lunch.  They had a nice spread of coconut shrimp, mushrooms, chicken wings, and crab rangoons.  Everyone seemed happy and Harbor Bar did a good job of keeping up with the crowd of people.  We ate quickly and got back to the boat to get some more photos.  We got out early but still not first out as we had a couple boats tied up to the Sunsation, so we missed a few of the big boys again. Once we got out on the water, we planted our butts in a central location and waited for the boats to come out.  We got some nice shots in this spot. We decided again to take off to Streich's. First 1/2 mile was not bad, then we got into about 3' waves and again got our asses spanked and decided we should just head back.  We took a peek at Striech's and no one was there anyway with the number of waves we had.  Casey and I were both happy to see the train bridge and our butt whipping to be over.  Going up the river we ran into Jason rocking out with a group of guys on a tritoon heading to Streich's. Jason is our friend who makes this event happen. He is also the proud owner of the Legendary boat Gold Digger.  Unfortunately, they had a prop issue on Butte des Mortes and had to bring it back in.  It was heartbreaking for me to see as they have done a ton of work on this beautiful boat and it shows. It really is an impressive boat to see running across the water.  I give Jason a ton of credit. He didn't let it the prop get him or his friends down. He got the boat back and turned right around, grabbed a pontoon, put his crew on and headed back out to enjoy the day.  Talking to him later he said it was not a big deal and the boat was fine. I have to admit I was very happy to hear that news. Jason has had some bad luck during this event but always keeps his chin up and gets ready for the next one.  I got to go around and get some shots of everyone talking about the day and how things went for them.  This is where the event shines!  All these people from all over and all different sizes of boats having a blast talking about what happened during the day, making new friends and enjoying old ones as well.  The card draw was held under Vinnie Diorio's amazing race boat trailer. Additional hands were available to buy to help support the Christine Ann Center charity.  This great crew of boaters did not disappoint. They bought a ton of additional hands. After the card draw was under wraps the Rising Phoenix Band hit the stage and the party kicked into gear. About 9p the winners with the best hand were announced.  This year's winners got a big check and some amazing Horsemen trophies. The first and second place winners donated the winning back to the Christine Ann Center. That's $5000 for the charity alone!  How can you not be proud to be part of this event and the amazing people that come to attend as well as make it happen?  I hope you enjoy the photos!  Put this event on your list of must attend or at least stop in to see.  Thank you, Four Horsemen Family! See all the over 1300 photos on our PHOTO GALLERY.

2020 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run - Full Gallery

2020 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run Friday Kick Off

2020 Four Horsemen Poker Run

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This past Friday night was the kick off to the 11th Annual Four Horsemen Poker Run on Lake Winnebago benefiting Christine Anne Center.  It was a little chilly but a great day. It's a lot like a family reunion with this poker run as friends from a number of states come in that we only get to see once a year.  With our Covid-19 situation it made it really hard not to hug everyone and practice social distancing.  Registration included a temperature test to make sure everyone was good and healthy.  Much to our delight we didn't have anyone with a high temperature. Masks were offered to anyone that wanted one.  The event this year was held outside in the parking lot which was a nice change. This seemed to be the year for sport chassis as you can see in the pictures and we had a plethora of them to check out.  There were also a number of hot cars to see: AMG Mercedes, Viper, and an Alfa Remeo. But the show stoppers as usual were the high-performance boats.  I tell people every time I see them, they need to stop down and check this event out.  These boats are amazing! Some of the hottest boats in the world and you can get right up next to them and check them out.  The tiki bar and parking lot was busy all night with entertainment from DJ G spot.  It is an honor to be part of this event, to take photos and to capture and share the fun.  This event does take many hands to make come to life. I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication it takes. Special thanks to Jason, Shannon, Gary, Jeff, Brian, Makenzie, Jenna, Casey and a full list of other people that make this event what it is as well as the amazing sponsors. Without this long list of hard workers and support this wonderful event would not happen.  Enjoy the photos and if you get a chance congratulate anyone you know involved in it!   See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY.

2020 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run - Full Gallery

2005 Boating Photos are Complete

I have added the last of the 2005 boating photos to the Photo Gallery.  Make sure to check out all 14 boating photo albums for the 2005 boating season. I know there were a lot of great photos and memories I enjoyed this year. 

We are getting closer to hot sunny weekends.  Hopefully, we will see you all out and on the water soon!  

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Social distance boating the new norm

Social distance boating the new norm. I am sure many of you have been itching to get on the boats, just like every year!  But with the Covid 19 and the stay at home order, I think it is 10 times worse.  We went out this last Saturday and it was very interesting.  Everyone has the same thing on their minds and rightfully so: Stay 6 feet away and keep cleaning your hands and everything you touch.  That is one good thing I guess with the boating world - it really can be your own space.  Jump in the boat with your home crew and get a mental break if only for a little while. It was a very welcome change of scenery.  We brought out a bunch of good food and some drinks. Made a little run to Streich's.  It was great to see old friends even at a distance.  It really helps to take the mental edge off.  I am not going to condone going out.  My belief is to use your common sense, keep your distance, keep cleaning everything including washing/sanitizing your hands. Use a zoom lens to take photos. Reality is we should be trying to clean and sanitize all the time.  Again just my opinion.   I am sure some of you will be mad that we went at all.  I understand and respect your opinions.   I do not take this virus lightly at all and feel horrible for the loss of life and for all the front line workers.  My hats off to all of you. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  See Photo Gallery for more photos.

August 2005 Streich's Beach boating photos

Let's take a walk down memory lane. You might have forgotten about these days the next day. Sometimes things get blurry after a day of boating and a night of partying. I hope these photos get the old memory banks going and give you a good laugh. It was August 2005 at Streich's Beach on Lake Winnebago.

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July 2005 Streich's Beach Boating photos

I have some more great old photos for our boater friends! I have added photos from July 2005 from Streich's Beach on Lake Winnebago.

I hope you enjoy these photos! Make sure to check out for things to do and boating info as well. To see all of the photos go to the PHOTO GALLERY pick a year and select boat photos. Make sure to share and tag your friends!