Little Farmer Malone wi

Little Farmer in Malone Wi. This weekend we were in the Halloween spirit and wanted to get the kids some pumpkins and spend some time with them. I know this isn't our regular post covering nightlife. We wanted to share this story because it is a fun place to check out. Covering fun is what we are really all about.  Anyway, I digress.  Little Farmer is a little less than an hour's drive from the Fox Vally. It is located out just off HWY 151. This place is very cool and has a little something for everyone.  They have a nice big parking field and they have people out directing you to open parking spots. As you walk up to the farm building there is a small building that is an information center. To help you figure what things you can do on the farm.  As you walk past this building and head up towards the barn you walk between a few buildings and then you will see the store and the old family home. Both of which is decorated very cute and they have a ton of items for sale like Apples, baked goods,  jams, and more. Both the apple house store and the old homestead have items for sale.  As you walk between those you come out to the animal pens and the walkway down to the corn maze and pumpkin fields.  They have Scottish Highland Cattle which look like hairy longhorns and a few goats that you can buy feed for.  Right across from this is a huge playground area for the kids to burn some energy.  They have pedal carts for big kids and tricycles for smaller kids.  Huge straw mountains to climb and jump on as well as swings and tepees.  The kids did get a big kick out of playing in this area.  We then decided we would walk down to the corn maze to get some exercise. But they do have the option to take a hayride down. The hayride option is about a 25-minute ride weaving through the orchards, fields, and the 40-acre woods they have besides the corn maze which costs about $5.  We made it down to the corn maze and found out we were supposed to get tickets up by the farm. The lady was nice enough to sell us tickets to get us through the maze. The kids did get a big kick out of going through the maze. Even though it was a bit muddy.  I thought it made it a little more challenging that way. They give you a series of animal footprints that you need to find as you go through the maze. The footprints are up on a bunch of signs located throughout the maze.  They also have a building with chickens in it called the Chicken Trunk and a Diaper Depot for changing diapers. My diapers never got that full. This is a great place to take the kids for the day or a few hours and enjoy a little farm lifestyle and some great eats. See all the pictures and more on the Photo Gallery.