Family Fun > Spooks on Spurr with Marblehead Band: A Night of Haunting Fun!

Spooks on Spurr with Marblehead Band: A Night of Haunting Fun!

October 22, 2023

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Spooks on Spurr Haunted House in New London Wisconsin with the Marblehead Band Spooks on Spurr with Marblehead Band: A Night of Haunting Fun!

Halloween is a time of year that never fails to amaze me. The sheer creativity that people pour into their decorations and celebrations is truly something to behold. This year, I had the opportunity to visit a local haunted house known as "Spooks on Spurr." What made this experience even more special was the fact that they had a live band playing every night that the haunted house was open. So, not only could you get spooked, but you could also groove to some live tunes, all in one place. How could anyone pass that up?

Spooks on Spurr is situated just outside of New London, Wisconsin, at W10121 Spurr Rd. As you make your way down Spurr Road, the atmosphere gets darker, and the road becomes winding and mysterious. Then, as you round a corner, an old, majestic brick house comes into view, beautifully illuminated to set the stage for what's to come.

Drive a little further, and you'll spot a hearse parked on the side of the road, its presence highlighted by laser lights and a flashing beacon on top. The atmosphere grows even more intriguing. Continue down the road, and a well-lit, expansive parking lot welcomes you.

After parking, we made our way to the haunted house, embarking on a journey filled with eerie and thrilling sights. We crossed a small bridge and were immediately greeted by strange noises and a vibrating bridge. Alongside the trail, there was a small corn area, creating an unsettling atmosphere right from the start.

The trail then led us to a small field, where laser light lines guided us toward the entry area. At this point, we reached a garage with windows, where three helpful individuals were ready to assist in obtaining tickets. This year, the cover charge was $5 to access the event and enjoy the live band, $20 would grant access to the haunted house named the "Mansion of Misery" and the live band, and another $20 would take you through the "Forest of Freaks."

I was accompanied by a friend and my daughter, along with two of her friends. After purchasing our tickets, the sound of a revving engine caught our attention. We turned to see the hearse on the road, now performing a dramatic burnout, adding a layer of exhilaration to the overall ambiance.

As we rejoined the rest of the crowd, we were met with a surreal scene: a massive fire pit surrounded by people, and expertly orchestrated lighting and fog that created a stunning, swirling cloud resembling a toxic green pool of moving slime, hovering about nine feet above the ground.

But you couldn't help but notice the star of the show, the haunted house itself. The building was nothing short of impressive, exuding an eerie charm. The back porch was where the band, Marblehead, was playing, and there was a sign for "Uncle Luther's," a small tavern attached to the side of the haunted house.

As we continued to soak in the atmosphere, we witnessed the unexpected—a 20-foot fireball shot out of the house's chimney, adding another layer of thrill to the evening. These fireballs were ignited every 20 to 30 minutes, giving the night an added layer of excitement.

The band Marblehead, playing on the back porch, kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening. Their music perfectly complemented the eerie surroundings and added to the overall atmosphere of fun and fright.

The actors outside were hard at work, weaving their way through the lines and engaging with the crowd, creating an immersive and thrilling experience even before entering the haunted house.

Heading around to the back of the house, we noticed that even the rear entrance was creatively illuminated. To re-enter the haunted house, they are descended through the old cellar door into the basement. As we waited, we were surprised by the fireworks that added an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

The ladies in our group, who had purchased tickets for the trail ride, returned after about 20 minutes, regaling us with stories of their adventures and the fun they'd had. Excited by their tales, they decided to take on the haunted house as well.

With their tickets in hand, they received numbers that were called out, signaling their turn to enter the Mansion of Misery. I contemplated joining them, but I didn't want to spoil the experience for anyone inside or blind the crew with my camera flash.

The ladies returned, all smiles, and it was clear that they had thoroughly enjoyed the haunted house experience. We continued to hang out, listening to the band and enjoying cold beverages by the enormous fire pit. Spooks on Spurr had not one, but two fire pits that burned hot throughout the night, keeping everyone warm and adding to the welcoming ambiance. Drinks and food prices I thought were good.  A beer was $3.50 

The Marblehead band, in their element, added to the night's excitement. Their music resonated with the crowd, and it was a blast to listen to them perform in such a unique setting. As always, I captured the essence of the night in photos and videos to share with you, allowing you to experience the thrill and excitement of Spooks on Spurr for yourself.

In conclusion, if you're ever in the vicinity, I highly recommend paying a visit to Spooks on Spurr and keep an out for Marblehead and go check them out. It's an unforgettable combination of live music and spooky, immersive entertainment that's perfect for the Halloween season. The experience is one that will keep you coming back for more, year after year.

I have a lot of pictures for you to check out as well as a video slideshow of all the photos or you can see all the pictures on the Wiparty Photo Gallery

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