EVENTS > Shiver Run Adventure: Waves, Laughter, and Cold Weather Boating and a stop at the Tiki Bar

Shiver Run Adventure: Waves, Laughter, and Cold Weather Boating and a stop at the Tiki Bar

October 9, 2023

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2023 Shiver Run on Lake WinnebagoShiver Run Adventure: Waves, Laughter, and Winter Boating and a stoip at the Pioneer Tiki Bar

It all started with a few drinks on a chilly Friday night, as most great adventures do. The commitment was sealed, and the plan was set in stone - we were going to the Shiver Run in Oshkosh, and there was no turning back. Saturday morning arrived, and we wasted no time. Armed with a cooler, blanket, and winter jacket, I eagerly awaited my friend, who was bringing his boat, and another companion who would join us for this frosty escapade.

As we gathered our gear, the temperature hung at a brisk 44 degrees, and the wind blew in from the northwest at a determined 14 mph. We decided to launch the boat over by the Mill Street Launch, and off we went, up the river toward Ground Round. The sight that greeted us was nothing short of impressive - a lineup of about 25 boats, braving the cold for the Shiver Run. I had my doubts about how many people would show up on such a chilly day, but clearly, the call of adventure was stronger than the cold.

Inside the cozy confines of Ground Round, we reconnected with our boating comrades. We shared stories and laughs, soaking up the camaraderie for about 45 minutes. It was then that Andy from Marine 365, the mastermind behind this event, took the stage. He briefed us on the route and things to watch out for, and with a final countdown, we were off.

Our course took us across Lake Winnebago, heading for Menasha and Parker Johns. The strong northwest winds made the lake a bit rough, and we, along with the rest of the crew, experienced the wrath of Mother Nature. Yet, there's something undeniably thrilling about being part of a pack of high-performance boats, all conquering the elements together. We navigated the waves, making it across the lake roughly in the middle of the pack, snapping a few photos along the way, though it was tough to keep a steady hand in the choppy waters.

At Parker Johns, a tempting offer awaited us - a pizza and chicken chunk buffet for just $10. We couldn't resist, and we indulged while soaking in the warm atmosphere for an hour. As the clock ticked down to our next destination, Harbor Bar, we prepared ourselves for the next leg of our adventure.

Heading back out onto the water, the wind seemed to calm, raising our hopes for a smoother journey. However, Lake Winnebago had other plans. Just about a mile out, we found ourselves riding three-foot waves, catching some exhilarating airtime. And then, things escalated even further, as we entered four-footers about a mile from Harbor Bar. We were having a blast, but I couldn't help but wonder if this kind of ride was for everyone.

Finally, we reached Stockbridge Harbor, tied up our boats, and rejoined the festivities at Harbor Bar. Laughter and fun were the order of the day, but things took an unexpected twist when one boater's son offered to cut his long hair for $300. A quick fundraiser organized by Andy brought in the cash, and out came the scissors. It was all in good spirits, and our boating friend earned some extra money and a free haircut - a memory that would surely last.

With our day winding down, we decided to head back, bracing ourselves for the pounding waves. The journey back was no less exciting, with four to five-foot waves challenging our every move. We pulled the boat out of the water and heard about an Octoberfest party at the old Pioneer Tiki Bar. We made a quick stop, had a drink to warm our chilled bones, and decided that one drink was enough, given our cold and wet state.

As we headed home to dry off and warm up, I couldn't help but reflect on the day. It had been an adventure of fun, waves, and laughs, and even though we were wet and cold, we loved every minute of it. It was a fitting end to this year's boating season, but who knows, maybe we'll squeeze in one more outing before winter truly sets in.

I have a lot of pictures for you to check out as well as a video slideshow of all the photos or you can see all the pictures on the Wiparty Photo Gallery

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