EVENTS > Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan Wisconsin

Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan Wisconsin

August 13, 2023

Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan WisconsinRevving Up the Excitement: Our Day at the Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan Wisconsin

The Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan for Saturday's race day was the highlight of our weekend. Some friends and I eagerly headed down to Sheboygan in the morning to witness the spectacle of amazing boats. The night before, we were fortunate to receive an invitation to hang out with a friend who had a hotel room at Blue Harbor Resort. Little did we know, Blue Harbor was the central hub for the race, with numerous vendor booths and food trucks lining the shoreline.

Arriving just in time, we caught the F1 boats qualifying and racing in two heats. These boats were nothing short of extraordinary. The F1 boats featured lightweight tunnel hull designs and were powered by Mercury 200 outboard engines. Their remarkable speed and exhilarating sound were beyond words. The race itself took place within the confines of the Sheboygan harbor, covering a 1-mile course.

Our luck continued as we found a spot to sit on rocks right by the water, offering an incredible view of the hairpin turn marker buoy. This turn was located close to the river and the Yacht Club, and we estimated it to be about 200 feet from the heart of the action. The thrill of watching the boats navigate this challenging corner was undeniably cool, and we later learned that drivers experienced nearly 3G of force while taking the turn.

Following the conclusion of the F1 races, we took a leisurely walk around, exploring the various vendor offerings. Afterward, we strolled down the Blue Harbor resort walkway to the midpoint of the resort where my friends had secured a room. Settling on the beach, we enjoyed both the scenic view and the convenience of a nearby restroom from my friend's hotel room. From our prime vantage point, we witnessed the 450R, Class 1, and Superstock Race boats taking on a 7-mile race course, the excitement of the event unfolding before our eyes.

In reflection, the event was truly spectacular. If you happened to miss it, make sure to mark your calendar for next year. The Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge is an experience you won't want to miss – an unforgettable and thrilling racing experience.

I have a lot of pictures for you to check out as well as a video slideshow of all the photos or you can see all the pictures on the Wiparty Photo Gallery

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