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Light the Night Market

May 21, 2023

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Light the Night MarketLight the Night Market in downtown Appleton Wi

Light the Night Market in Downtown Appleton: A Delightful Night of Dancing, Fairies, and Spirit Walkers

If you've ever attended the Bazaar After Dark events in Neenah and Menasha, you know they're a recipe for a good time. So, when I heard about the Light the Night Market in Downtown Appleton, I couldn't resist the opportunity to immerse myself in another evening of quirky entertainment. I didn't have much time to spare, but the moments I did manage to steal were absolutely captivating.

As I strolled through the market, taking in the lively atmosphere, one group immediately caught my attention—a Chinese dance troupe. They mesmerized the crowd with their graceful movements and intricate routines. The highlight of their performance was undoubtedly the dragon dance. It was a sight to behold as they twirled and twined, breathing life into the mythical creature. I couldn't help but marvel at their skills and the effort they put into their craft.

But the Chinese dance group was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the enchantment that filled the night. Dotted throughout the market were winged fairies, fluttering about and sprinkling their magic on everyone they encountered. These whimsical beings added a touch of fantasy to the event, making me feel like I had stepped into a storybook.

As I made my way through the crowd, a burst of excitement caught my eye. It was a bubble show, and the bubbly entertainers were blowing massive bubbles that floated above the heads of the amazed onlookers. It was like being transported back to childhood, where the simple joy of a soap bubble could elicit pure wonder and awe. I couldn't help but smile at the childlike delight that spread through the crowd.

Moving on from the bubble extravaganza, I stumbled upon a group of aerial dancers gracefully suspended in mid-air. Their ethereal movements and acrobatic skills left me in awe. It was as if they had defied gravity, weaving their way through the night sky with elegance and finesse. It was a breathtaking display of strength and artistry, leaving the spectators awestruck.

But it wouldn't be a truly mesmerizing night without the presence of the spirit walkers. These characters, clad in incredibly detailed and slightly eerie costumes, roamed the market, casting an otherworldly aura around them. In the light of day, they were fascinating to observe, but I couldn't help but imagine the reactions of unsuspecting passersby encountering them in the darkness. Let's just say it might have given a few people more than just a startle!

All in all, the Light the Night Market in Downtown Appleton was a delightful and captivating experience. From the Chinese dance group's enchanting performances to the whimsical fairies, bubble shows, aerial dancers, and spirit walkers, there was never a dull moment. These events bring together artists, performers, and vendors, creating an atmosphere that is both magical and entertaining. If you haven't had the chance to attend one of these night markets, I highly recommend you mark it down on your calendar. It's an experience that will leave you with memories—and maybe a touch of whimsy—that will last a lifetime.

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