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A Magical Night at Appleton's Light the Night Market

May 19, 2024

Light the Night Market with Avenue 55 BandA Magical Night at Appleton's Light the Night Market

Friday night was one of those rare, beautiful moments when my daughter actually wanted to hang out with her old man. We decided to make the most of it and headed to Downtown Appleton to check out the Light the Night Market. With the Jeep packed and ready, we set off on our little adventure.

Parking was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to find a spot near the courthouse and made our way into the bustling market. The place was alive with people, and the mouthwatering aroma of fried food filled the air. Our first stop? The food trucks, of course! But before we could decide on what to eat, we were captivated by the Flying Circus Aerial Arts crew, performing high above the ground on floating hoops. Watching them twist and turn with such grace and strength was mesmerizing.

As we continued our stroll, we encountered a fun area where kids were trying out hula hoops and the bubble lady spreading joy with her enormous, shimmering bubbles. The laughter and excitement of the children were infectious, making it impossible not to smile.

Next up were the fire dancers, who had drawn a massive crowd with their fiery performance. The energy was electrifying, and the crowd was enthralled by their daring moves and glowing flames.

After soaking in the fiery spectacle, we made our way to Houdini Plaza to catch Avenue 55 Band. This band never disappoints, and they were already rocking the crowd when we arrived. We waded through the sea of people to get closer and snap some photos. That’s when I noticed Caleb, one of the band members, in a serious neck brace. I learned he had suffered a work accident resulting in a spinal cord contusion, but here he was, sitting on a folding chair, neck brace and all, still playing his heart out. Mad respect for Caleb—his dedication and passion were truly inspiring.

A special moment occurred when his brother Collin joined him, jamming together on their guitars. The bond and love between them were clear, adding an extra layer of magic to the night. Avenue 55 didn’t miss a beat and kept the crowd dancing and singing along.

As we were heading back up the street, we ran into a friend dressed as one of the magical fairies that wandered through the market. It was heartwarming to see the little kids run up to her for hugs and smiles. The fairies brought a touch of whimsy and wonder to the evening, and it was clear they were a hit with the young ones.

We paused again to enjoy more aerial performances and another round of the fire show before my daughter requested a stop at Sal's Pizza. This brought back nostalgic memories of my younger days, grabbing a slice at bar close. Sharing a slice with my daughter felt like coming full circle.

Overall, it was an incredible night filled with fun, music, and unforgettable moments. Spending time with my daughter made it all the more special. Check out the photos and videos to see the magic of the Light the Night Market for yourself.

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