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A Day in Door County

June 22, 2020

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We did a day run up to Door County. With the rain we decided to enjoy a day with friends that were staying in Sister Bay.  It's about a 2 hour drive up - really not a bad drive at all.  We srated the day at Stabbur Beer Garden at Al Johnson's. This place is so much fun. The roofs of the buildings are covered in grass for the goats to nibble on but no such luck when we were there. We had a quick beer in the fairly large open garden with artificial grass and a load of picnic tables.  They have a very cool bar with some beautiful hand carved pillars. The establishment is doggie friendly and several patrons had dogs of all shapes and sizes there. After our beers we decided we should run down to The Boathouse on the Bay located right across from the Sister Bay Marina. We went up to the roof top bar overlooking the bay and the marina. The view was great. Nothing too exciting for boats except one the 72' Hatteras yacht named "Hat Trick"We tried their famous lobster roll. I highly recommend you try it! Unfortunately, the rain started and we decided to head to Junipers Gin Joint in Fish Creek. The have a upstairs open restaurant and bar overlooking Fish Creek. We had a few apps and drinks. Pretty cool place. Check out the photos to see more.  Some of our friends suggested the Blue Ox in Baileys Harbor so off we went.  A short drive from Fish Creek and we pulled up on The Blue Ox.  This place looks like an old weather-beaten saloon on the outside, like something you would see out west, with a bunch of old antique farm equipment and odd ball things on the side of the building as well as in the back patio area.  It's like an antique store blew up in a bar.  Place is a really cool.  The bartender was friendly and fast. Our crew started getting hungry even though we ate at every stop we went to!  We headed to the old supper club right across the street from the Blue Ox called the Florian II Supper Club. It looks like the typical old supper club any were else in the state. But head to the back and you get a beautiful view of the lake. It was raining but even with that going on the view was still awesome. We had a waitress named Judy who did a fantastic job of taking care of us.  Overall, I would say the food was ok, thing really exciting. I had shrimp stuffed with garlic crab stuffing and got to try the country chicken.  Overall the highlight of the day for me was the Blue Ox.  It reminded me a little of Mahauffers in Florida.  Just a low key fun country bar. I hope you enjoy the photos! 

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