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2022 Bago Barge & Beach Bash

July 25, 2022

What a blast! The 2022 Bago Barge & Beach Bash was a success! So many people to thank for their help with this year's event. My crew did an outstanding job setting up and preparing the barge for launch and helped to tear it down and get us back before the storms came in.  The Hefter's for supporting this event and working to get our amazing sponsors. This year's sponsors were Mercury Racing, 5G Benefits, Muthig Industries, Wrightway Builders, Holiday Automotive, 95.1 Radio. We should all be appreciative of the companies that make it possible to have these parties on the water and provide us with some great options for live entertainment. Andrea from Mercury Racing came to watch the show and support the event. It is a pleasure to have our sponsors come out and see the impact that they give to our boating community.

This year we had the super talented Sam Guyton come back with his father Marcell and the Rythm Kings band. Watching and listening to them was so much fun. They got the crowd pumped up from start to finish. This father and son pair are a joy to be around. It's super cool how they share the love. Marcell had on a white t-shirt with I Love You Dad written on the front of the shirt. He told us later that it was a shirt Sam made for him over 20 years ago. I thought that was really cool! It was an all-around great day. I ran into so many people that were just having a blast and told me how happy they were to have an event like this. It's always nice to receive feedback like that.

We got very lucky with the weather! It was a beautiful day during the entire show. On the way back we were a little ways from the Yacht Club when it started to rain. By the time we got the barge and pontoon up on the trailer. It was a downpour with crazy winds. The crew got soaked but didn't miss a beat. Everything got loaded and we pulled out and got home all in one piece. Overall it was an amazing day, filled with awesome people and fantastic music. Thanks to everyone that came out! Our sponsors, support team and I hope you had a fun and memorable day out on the water! 

I have some sample photos below and over 300 photos on the Wiparty Photo Gallery for you to check out and download or purchase. I also have put together a video with some small video clips as well as the photo slideshow included.  If you are looking for things to do every week check out

Bago Barge & Beach Bash - Photo Gallery Slide Show
Bago Barge & Beach Bash Videos with Photo Slide Show.
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