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Four Horsemen Poker Run Lake Winnebago 2023

June 12, 2023

2023 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker RunLake Winnebago's Four Horsemen: Shaking Up Oshkosh with Boats, Banter, and Breathtaking Views!

Lake Winnebago's Four Horsemen took Oshkosh, Wisconsin by storm this weekend. And guess who was right in the middle of all the action? Yours truly! I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the chaos, capturing photos, and reconnecting with my boating family.

I've been involved in the background and photography of this event since its humble beginnings. And let me tell you, the people who come to this run are nothing short of amazing. It's like a gathering of the most fun-loving, and adrenaline-seeking folks you'll ever meet. This year was no exception, with high-performance boating enthusiasts excited to run these amazing machines on an open lake and bring together a load of laughs and friendships.

The equipment! It's mind-blowing. We're talking about machines that could give James Bond's gadgets a run for their money. From sleek designs to roaring engines, these boats are awesome. One can't help but marvel at the power and sexy lines of these powerhouse boats on display.

This year my only responsibility was helping with the website end of things. So, I had a chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy the show without any worries. Armed with my camera, I've got around 375 photos that I am excited to share with you and the boating world. Trust me, you won't want to miss this glimpse into the boating fun that happens in Oshkosh!

Speaking of incredible moments, guess who I bumped into? None other than the legendary photographer himself, Pete Boden from Shoot 2 Thrill Pix & Speed on the Water! It's always a pleasure to chat with him, share stories, and exchange a few hearty laughs. The friendliness among boating enthusiasts is truly something special.

This year's run featured 39 boats, blessed with good weather and a Lake Winnebago that was calm for the run for a change. The waves were just right, with a slight chop of about a foot. Can you imagine these powerhouses tearing through the water, leaving nothing but a roostertail of spray behind them? It was a sight and sound to behold!

And here's the cherry on top: no major incidents to report! Just a few minor breakdowns, which, considering the horsepower these boats pack, is practically a miracle. However, Mother Nature decided to spice things up by sending rain to spoil the outdoor patio party. But hey, we're adaptable! The band Ask Your Mother, had to move inside the bar. It was a tight fit, but everyone made it work and partied the night away.

Did I mention the photos? I've got over 375 shots. But that's not all! I've also put together a video with slideshows of all the photos. You can share, link, or even buy them from the online gallery.

I must give a massive shoutout to all the cool boaters who showed up and supported this event and charities. And a special mention goes out to the generous souls like Mike, Amanda, and Zoe Eannarino, who not only donated a whopping $5000 to this year's charity event, the Cristine Ann Center but also won the first-place poker hand and selflessly donated the $2500 prize money back to the charity. It's people like these that make this event truly unforgettable.

Keep your eyes peeled for the final donation tally! Until then, keep the boat love alive!

I have a bunch of pictures for you to check out as well as a video slideshow of all the photos or you can see all the pictures on the Wiparty Boating Photo Gallery

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