Shiver Run Adventure: Waves, Laughter, and Cold Weather Boating and a stop at the Tiki Bar

Join us on an unforgettable Shiver Run adventure as we brave the cold, conquer Lake Winnebago's waves, and share laughs with boating friends. With a stop to the Pioneer Tiki Bar for the Octoberfest party. 🌊❄️

High-Speed Thrills and Riverside Chills: Fremont's Drag Racing Spectacle

Hold onto your hats, folks! We're diving headfirst into an adrenaline-pumping Saturday at Fremont's Upper Midwest Power Boat Association drag racing finale. 🌊🏁

Join us on this wild ride as we soak up the sun, cheer on the speed demons, and reel in unexpected treasures in this picturesque riverside adventure. 🚤🌅

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Bago Barge and Beach Bash: A Rockin' Roosevelt Park Adventure on the Lake!

Get ready to dive into the incredible world of the Bago Barge and Beach Bash at Roosevelt Park, Fond du Lac, WI! 🚤🎶 Join us as we relive the unforgettable moments from a day filled with music, fun, and fantastic folks. The Paper City Trio Band rocked the stage, friends partied like there was no tomorrow, and the sun kept us groovin'. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, Mercury Racing and 5 G Benefits, this day was one for the books. Check out the photos and videos and get ready for next year's bash!

Weekend Waves and Party Raves: A Lake Winnebago Adventure

🌊🎉 Join me on an unforgettable weekend journey filled with sun-soaked days, lakeside fun and amazing parties, and some epic surprises along the way. From spreading the word about the Bago Barge and Beach Bash, and a wild ride of parties. That left me feeling super blessed. 🚤🍻🎶

Sunday Funday on the Pontoon: Tubing, Tunes, and Grilling on the Lake!

Dive into our latest lakeside escapade! ☀️🚤 We took the kiddos out for an epic Sunday Funday on the pontoon – tubing, tunes, and mouthwatering grilling by the lake. From sibling shenanigans on the tube to unexpected lakeside tunes, it was a day filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. Check out the video for all the action! 🌊🎶

Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan Wisconsin

Dive into the heart-pounding action of the Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge in Sheboygan! From thrilling F1 boat races to scenic beachside views, this event had it all. Check out our adventure and mark your calendars for next year's adrenaline-packed spectacle!

Navigating Waves of Excitement: Highlights from the 2023 Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge Block Party

Dive into the exhilarating world of boating and community camaraderie as we recount the captivating scenes and electrifying moments from the 2023 Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge Block Party in Sheboygan, WI. From gleaming racing boats lined up in the city of Sheboygan, this event was a showcase of speed, unity, and the thrill of boat racing. Join us as we relive the unforgettable night that brought families, friends, and boating enthusiasts together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

2023 Sand Bar Bash

The 2023 Sand Bar Bash on Lake Winneconne. A fantastic day boating and listening to music and parting for a great cause.

Boating in Menasha July 30

Boating in Menasha a day of Fishing, Swimming, and Cooking

Boating Lake Winnebago July 29

Boating Lake Winnebago July 29 - A run out to Streich's and a stop to watch a few planes from EAA Air Show